All of my books!

All of my books, including four #1 NYT bestsellers and three upcoming releases: 📚 "Celebrate YOU!" and two more GGCS board books (“Bulldozer’s Shapes” & “Excavator’s 123”) debut on March 5th! 🥳❤️

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Junk Food

Photo from the battlefield. Usually, I would not even let this junk food into my house, but it’s finals week. I just throw food at the beast and run like hell. 

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What's in that Stuff?

She had us up half the night, barking to go out TO PLAY IN THE SNOW. All day, every 25 minutes, she wants to go out, and then, after about a half hour, she comes in wearing the evidence. Is snow like catnip for dogs? What’s IN that stuff?!

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Smart Observation

I show this photo to my 13-year-old son, my baking partner in crime. “Cool pan,” I say. He looks, “It makes, what, EIGHT rolls? That’s only enough for a family of TWO.” 😳 The kid has a point; these boys can really plow through the bread.

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Addicted to Show

I’m completely addicted to this show. I can now diagnose an abscess, choke, a parasite issue — and I’ve learned a LOT about birthing cows. PS: PLEASE deworm your herds; it will save Dr. Pol, Dr. Emily, Dr. Brenda and me a lot of anxiety.

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Beautiful Garden

Sharing, because I love everything about this! • This 200-year-old house, built from Cotswold limestone, sits in a valley in Gloucestershire on a site that has been occupied since the 15th century. The garden has been re-planted by the current owners, who tackle a new project each year, adding two ponds and developing a rose garden, orchard and vegetable garden. The formal garden in front of the house looks out over a wooded valley, part of its seven-acre estate; the small summerhouse behind it was originally built for a footman.

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