Celebrate You!

Loudly and proudly, let’s celebrate YOU! 🎈 From the first wobbly baby steps to the time when they’re ready to leave the nest, this charming new picture book celebrates all the small but important milestones on the way to growing up.

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Thanks to VAAEYC 2019!

Hotel Roanoke — gorgeous, old historic hotel. I’m not sure if you can see the monogrammed hedges (!) and the mountains in the background, but... such a beautiful place. I’m delighted to be giving a keynote speech here today to Virginia’s early childhood educators.

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Ready to Fly....again!

Unpacked, repacked and ready to hit the road again. 🏃🏻‍♀️ ✈️ Some of my FAVE travel things: my @awaylarger carry-on suitcase (I swear by this bag), my hooded trench coat WITH A ZIPPER POCKET FOR MY CELL PHONE (only $30 from @costco , btw!), my @trtlpillow (love!) and an awesome rolling @samsoniteusa computer bag — which also has to function as my purse, and which (so far! 🙏🏻🙏🏻) has fit nicely under every airplane seat for the last two years. • (PS: I don’t get anything for endorsements; I just like to pass along helpful info! 🤗) 

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Museum Visit

How could I possibly pass up the opportunity to see, “chastely sensual maidens, impossibly pristine pheasant children and serene, Raphael-like Madonnas” on a Wednesday workday? 😯 • Between school visits, I had time to drop into @milwaukeeart and see this impressive Bouguereau exhibit. (Check out the closeup detail on the white lace dress: jaw-dropping.)

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New fan!

I’m so blessed to open social media and see images like this. Little Mila totally made my day. ❤️ “Three Cheers For Kid McGear!” debuts this fall; it seems like it was written for her!