Extreme STEAM with The 12 Sleighs of Christmas

START DESIGNING THOSE SLEIGHS! 🔴 Extreme STEAM is a global ART + ENGINEERING + SERVICE LEARNING challenge for which PreK-12 grade classrooms design and construct a reimagined sleigh for Santa, inspired by today's modern technology and innovation. 🔴 We're ready to see how EXTREME your students' STEAM creativity can be! 🔴 REGISTRATION OPEN from August 19 - October 4, 2019

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Three Cheers for Kid McGear!

Kid McGear, Skid Steer (the newest member of the Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Crew) is adaptable, tenacious, and determined! 🚧 And, she's coming soon! •
Join Kid at the construction site and help her save the day in THREE CHEERS FOR KID MCGEAR (on-sale Sept 24)!

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Not sure...

Not sure which I like more: A proposed city ordinance named after my book (Because — PIPE DOWN! — we all need to sleep, right?!) or that someone named “Courage” thought of it. 🤗

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Three Cheers for Kid McGear

Make sure you have the entire construction site crew on your bookshelf! 🚧 Kid McGear–the strong and determined skid steer–is the first female truck to join the core GGCS crew, and she's rolling in soon!
Three Cheers for Kid McGear is on-sale Sept 24. Learn more and pre-order today at sherririnker.com

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Rose Garden

My sons and I created this little rose garden, in memory of my mom — who passed away on July 14th. 🥀 We incorporated rose bushes and garden stones sent by dear friends and neighbors, along with some words that reminded us of her. ❤️ Roses were her favorite flower; we hope she’d be pleased. . .

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What's that smell?

Some beautiful rose bushes I received came with specific instructions to use THIS fertilizer. So, as long as I was at it, I decided I may as well fertilize ALL of my roses. 🌹And NOW, my entire yard smells ever-so-faintly like a trip to the beach... 😳🥴

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Mom you can finally soar free....

I took this photo of my mom and my sister on Saturday. Last night, surrounded by family, my mother took her last breath. 🥀 She died as she lived, unpredictably and on her own timetable. One of her favorite expressions was, “Let’s just go where the wind takes us!” And, often, especially before all the illness and pain, she did. 🌬 Mom, you can finally soar free. Fly like the wind. 💫

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Last night, we admitted my mother into hospice. 😞 She was a hard drinking, hard smoking, hard living, hard swearing soul. She lived a reckless life. Four packs a day. Four marriages and countless “others.” We had a difficult, complicated relationship. To be honest, she was not a great mother; often, she was not even a marginally good mother. Our family life was filled with drama and violence and filth and a million other things I try not to think about. But, my sister, my brother and I carry her sense of humor, her intelligence, her love of people, her love of life, her work ethic. She was a big, larger-than-life personality, and, no matter what transpired, she was still our mother.

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Three Cheers for Kid McGear

Meet Kid McGear, Skid Steer—the newest character in the bestselling Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site series! 🎊 She’s small but fierce and ready to help when danger strikes the construction site. 💪🏻 THREE CHEERS FOR KID MCGEAR is coming Sept 2

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