Go Karting Love

What does my 13-year-old want to do on this 100-degree 4th of July? Spend ALL his birthday money to drive the wheels off (literally!) a rental Rotax — ALL DAY. 😳 Thank you to his grandparents, his Auntie Terri & Uncle Greg and his incredibly tolerant dad for making this dream day possible! He’s happier than a pig in poop!

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So Wonderful!

I just finished this entertaining, funny and sweet graphic novel about an artistic middle-schooler. 😊 Loved it! 😊 Can’t wait to see more from debut author Terri Libenson. ❤️ Perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier and Jennifer L. Holm — and anyone who needs a relatable reminder that middle school can be awkward and tough for everyone.

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Bear is Hungry!

Bear is hungry. Gertie wants to help. But finding the perfect snack is harder than it looks. Will Gertie and Bear silence Bear's tummy grumbles before hunger gets the best of them?
• • •
Expressive characters and funny dialogue lead the way in this pitch-perfect story about patience and teamwork, by nationally-syndicated cartoonist Drew Sheneman.

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