Construction Site on Christmas Night

THANK YOU, @texasreadergirl for the awesome review and equally-awesome photo! 😘❤️
“Down in the big construction site, there’s work to do for Christmas night!”
🎄 Hooray for another installment of the beloved Construction Site series by @sherririnker with gorgeous illustrations by @agfordart! My entire family - kids, parents, grandparents alike - are huge fans of these books. I was thrilled to see a Christmas edition of this series and immediately preordered a copy. I was even more excited to get a chance to read it before it releases - as were my kids! This was bedtime reading for both my 5yo and 8yo last night and they both loved it. This will make a wonderful 

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What a Citizen Can Do

We don’t always hang out in bars, but when we do, we just happen to have copies of our latest releases to show you. (with Shawn Harris, illustrator of “What Can A Citizen Do?” — written by Dave Eggers)

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The Stuff of Stars

When my almost-18-year-old, not-too-terribly-interested-in-picture-books son glances at this book (which happens to be sitting on the kitchen counter as he’s fetching a snack) and STOPS and says, “Wow. This is really beautiful,” I’m going to state the obvious: This book is incredibly special.

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Mayor of Tulsa

To celebrate the completion of a county-wide reading challenge and the opening of a new park, the mayor of Tulsa, OK read GOODNIGHT, GOODNIGHT, CONSTRUCTION SITE to the crowd. ❤️📚

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