The kart season was supposed to start LAST week. Postponed due to blizzard. These photos are from yesterday; this weekend doesn’t look promising. I have a bummed out 12-year-old with a freshly rebuilt kart cursing Mother Nature right now. 😢

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Only 264 Days 'til Christmas!!!

  • I’m dreaming of a TRUCK Christmas... 🎶 Sneaking you another peek at “Construction Site on Christmas Night,” breathtakingly illustrated by AG Ford, because, well, I’m just so excited! 😃 🚧🎄Only 264 days ‘til Christmas!
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Can I Be Your Dog?

Won't anyone open their heart--and home--to a lonely dog? Dear, sweet Arfy is homeless, and he desperately wants a forever family. He sends letters to everyone on Butternut Street, begging for a home to call his own. ❤️ As endearing as Harry The Dirty Dog (one of my all-time faves!), I absolute LOVE Arfy and his hilarious, touching story — and I’m sure you will, too.

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