Train Lovers!

In case you have a little train-lover in your life... 🚂 Through the darkness, clickety-clack, coming closer, down the track... Hold your breath, so you can hear: huffing-chuffing, drawing near...! • PS: There are matching pajamas, too!

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From the Road

Some photos from the road... ❤️ Great schools, great teachers, great LRC Directors, great staff (and tech!) great kids, great booksellers. It was, all, well... GREAT! 😃

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Great Chronicle books

SO many wonderful things in the GGCS family, including someone NEW TO THE CREW: Kid McGear! 🏗 (Oh, and we also have pajamas, and lacing cards, and a growth chart, and glow-in-the-dark books, and...! ) 🥰 Check out my website to learn more (It’s easy to remember!):

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Well Done!

Finished #13 in a REALLY heavy-duty field of 40+ top drivers from the US and Canada. He’s 14, running senior heavy with the grownups, and we are celebrating here!!! 🏁 🎉 This sport is soooo tough and there are SO many disappointments. Yesterday and the qualifying race today were rough on him, but he kept his wits. The sport terrifies me (!), but it teaches them so many positive things about persistence, hard work, focus, accepting disappointment, sportsmanship, teamwork — and, of course, all the mechanical aspects. 🙌🏻It's nice when he can home happy, bc that’s not always the case.

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Whoo Hoo!!

Finished touring just in time to congratulate friend and fellow Illinois author Patricia Toht on her beautiful new book (and to get a signed copy for my Little Free Library!). ❤️ 📚 Go, Patty!!! #pickapumpkin 🎃🍂

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Flight lands after midnight. Heading out to a day of school visits on 4 hours sleep, but super-psyched to promote NYT BESTSELLER, Kid McGear! PS: It’s very humid in Cincy

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Roll With It

I don’t believe in coincidences. 🙌🏻 A couple of weeks ago, I met this author and heard her 90-second pitch for this book at a conference, and I immediately wanted to read it. 📚 This well-written, sweet middle-grade novel will open your heart, fill you with emotion and change your perceptions — and these characters will hold a special place in your heart. Thank you, Jamie Sumner ❤️❤️❤️

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