Celebrate You!

“First you crawled, then you walked, then you ran — now you FLY! Nothing can stop you when you aim for the sky!” 🎈 Celebrate You! debuts March 5th! Illustrated by A.N. Kang, Published by Balzer+Bray

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The world is covered in tiny icicles this morning. ❄️ The sidewalks are definitely slick, but we didn’t get the 1/2” of ice they feared, so we’re calling it a win.

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Tiara Time

To quote my editor (who sent me this!), I’m supposed to respond to any questions with, “Oh, I knocked my new manuscript out of the PARK, and my editor INSISTS that I wear this today.” 👸🏻 Today?! I’ll be sportin’ this baby for at least a week. 👑

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So Sweet

When it’s your turn to bring home the classroom stuffed animal for the weekend... and it’s time for a bedtime story. ❤️📚 • Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who tag me on these heartwarming photos. 😍

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On this icy winter day, I’m dreaming of gardens; this ornamental herb garden is breathtaking. •
#Repost @debbytenquist • An extremely charming fenced herb garden is elevated to stunning with the addition of striking alliums and centered by an antique metal urn. This is somewhere on the East Coast. Photographed by talented garden photographer @gardensatfirstlight

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