Front Desk

I felt sadness and despair — and then hope. I’ll greatly miss these characters. Thank you, @tjshay — for encouraging me to read (and finish!) this book. ❤️ 📚 (And for the photo, too 😊)

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Great Chef in the Making!

13-year-old is already quite competent in the kitchen. He took a knife skills class to improve his comfort with slicing, dicing and chopping... and created this lovely chicken and veggie stir fry for us. ❤️😋 • • •

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Tiny and the Big Dig

Thank you Findlay Riverside Park for choosing “Tiny and The Big Dig” as the inaugural “story walk” book selection. I LOVE the idea that a family can read a book together as they walk along. (And, admittedly, I do also love that it’s my (oops, sorry, Matt, I mean OUR!) book. 😉) ❤️📚 • • •

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I’m not proud of myself for finding this hilarious, but I live in a household filled with boys. The humor was bound to rub off on me. • • •

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The Little Things

Tossed/broke a chain in pre-final 🤬. Looked good until then. 😢 Sometimes it’s the little things that spoil your day. (Repair remains after masterlink failure.) 💔 • • •

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Ducktape to the rescue!

Before and after — SWIPE LEFT! • • • 
Husband smashes the bumper. I say, “We really need to get that fixed.” He says, “There! Fixed.” 🤦🏻‍♀️ God help us, we’re so redneck.

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