Thank You!

Tonight, I’m grateful for mommies that cuddle up and read to their sweet kiddos before bed on Christmas Eve — and all of the other 364 days. I’m grateful for a church service that softened my heart after a long, busy, agenda-filled stretch and reminded exhausted-me of the beauty of my faith. I’m grateful for the multitude of heavenly host that lit up the black sky that long-ago night, and the way that story lit up my soul tonight. I’m grateful “a weary world rejoices,” because I’m most certainly one of the weary and grateful for the feeling of joy I felt so many times today. I’m grateful for cookies for Santa and carrots for hungry magic reindeer, and for the tender, sweet way those gestures remind our children to say, “Thank you.” I’m grateful that I’ll sleep tonight knowing my boys are home, here, safely tucked in — teenage attitudes and all — in a home filled with love and memories and the realization that RIGHT NOW, THIS MOMENT is worth everything because, like all moments, it’s precious and fleeting. I’m grateful for dozens and dozens of friends and family that fill my home and my heart and for more blessings than I can begin to count. And, I’m grateful for this sweet family that I’ve never met for posting these touching, dear photos and saying lovely, kind things about my books and my work. ❤️ Merry Christmas... and, goodnight.

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