Meet Poet Julia

This is Julia. We spent some time together in a writing workshop I led several weeks ago. She didn’t think she could “do” poetry, and then she blew me away with a poem titled, “Brown,” and some of the most poetic, lovely words I’ve ever encountered from a child that (or any) age. Today, she sent me a new poem and some artwork she did to accompany the words. She has the poetry “bug.” 🥰 Agents/editors: I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing special things from this brilliant, sensitive young lady. I’m excited and honored to have played a tiny part in that. ❤️ 📚 ✏️ 🎨

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Kid McGear

all, but she’s got it all! She is the big star of THREE CHEERS FOR KID MCGEAR, the new book in the Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site series, illustrated by the incredible A.G. Ford. Coming this September & available now for pre-order at and wherever books are sold! 🏗

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I just thought he (she?) was so perfect for this spot by my Little Free Library, I couldn’t stand it! I HAD to get it. 🐸 📚 Please humor me — it’s TOTALLY perfect, right?!

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Harsh Spring

I know y’all are sick-to-death of me complaining about the spring we’ve had (aka “Winter, The Sequel”), but seriously, look at my rhododendrons: Top photo, two years ago EXACTLY, bottom photo, THIS MORNING. 😞

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Never Give Up!

So, the kid had a rough day out there today, but persistence paid off: DNF in qualifying after his tuner (aka his dad!) mis-installed the sprocket — which actually fell off before the first lap. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Started LAST in the first race, was bumped and spun in race 2, started mid-pack in the final, but ended up in the top 10 (tenth) in the final, in a field of almost 40 drivers! 🏁🏁🏁

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One finishing next week, one starting this fall. Grateful to a dear family friend for the warm welcome and words of wisdom.

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Today in church, our sermon was delivered via video by a 23-year-old member of our congregation who is currently serving in Rwanda. The messages of putting ourselves in vulnerable places, confronting our fears and misconceptions and learning from and loving each other were what I needed to hear today.

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New Kid

This book handles big topics — like cultural differences, race, prejudice, privilege and adolescence — with sensitivity and humor. And truth. I truly loved this book and these characters. Is it too much to hope that we’ll see more of them? Thank you, @jerrycraft and @harpercollinsch

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